Session 9–On the Saints–Martyrology and Hagiography


9.1 – Solemnity of All Saints – November 1st

9.2 – Four Steps of Sainthood

9.3 – Prayer to the Saints

9.4 – Halloween Hallow vs. Hollow

9.5 – SESSION NOTES – The Saints Martyrology

9.5.1 SESSION NOTES – The Saints Hagiography


9.6 – Prayer to the Saints

9.7 – Martyrdom

9.8 – The Communion of Saints



Why do Catholics ask the saints to pray for them?

When we pray with the saints, we are asking them to pray to God with and for us. We believe that they are now in God’s presence, and that they share in God’s love. We ask them to remember us as friends who need God’s help. We honor them, but worship and adoration belong to God alone.

Do Catholics pray to statues or crucifixes?

No! Sacred images only remind us of Jesus and the saints who are present with us when we pray to God.

What is the Catholic term for all those who belong to the Church?

The Communion of Saints is the name of community of the faithful on earth, the blessed in heaven and the people who have died but are still being purified in Purgatory; all of whom form one body in Christ and have a share in God’s divine life heaven.

Who was the first American-born saint?

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seaton