Session 5–On the Incarnation


5.1 – The Incarnation


5.2 – True God and True Man


OLV FP Session 5 Who is Jesus

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5 – Who Is Jesus?: Just a Good Man or Lord of Our Lives?

Jesus is more than a good teacher or good example. He claimed to be God. And that claim challenges all of us to make an important choice–will we accept Jesus as Lord of our lives?


Who is Jesus?

Jesus is a person like us in all things but sin. He is the Son of God, the second person of the Holy Trinity, who united Himself to our human nature so that we could be united with God in His divine nature. What do we call the mystery by which the Son of God became man, taking on our human nature?

We call this the Incarnation, literally, taking on our flesh and blood.

What do we mean when we say Jesus redeems us?

By redemption, we mean that Jesus has overcome the power of sin, and given to us the help we need to become fully human by loving God and others.