Session 30–On Eschatology





Why does Evil exist?

God gives man an Intellect to know what is right and wrong, as well as a Free-Will to choose to do good or bad.  We cannot know the Good if we never experience Evil. Also, if we can choose between good and evil, there must be a real choice, and thus a real possibility for bad things to happen and for evil to exist.

What is Redemptive Suffering?

We believe that we can offer up or unite our suffering of trials and tribulations on this earth to the suffering of Christ on the cross in order to help souls in Purgatory.

What are the Four Last Things?

Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell

What is Purgatory?

A temporal place of final purging of all attachment to sin for those about to enter into Heaven.

What do we believe about the Resurrection?

We will be resurrected to an eternal life not only as a Soul, but with a Glorified Body (not limited by time or space).