Session 3–On Theology


3.1 – St Thomas Aquinas – The Five Ways Proving the Existence of God

3.2 – SESSION NOTES – Theology


3.3 – God the Creator

3.4 – How a Catholic Priest gave us the Big Bang Theory


From Atheism to Catholicism by Jennifer Fuhwiler


What does the word Theology mean?

From the two Greek words Theo (God) and Logia (the Study of). Theology means the Study of God.

Who are the three great Theologians?

Ireneus, Augustine, and Aquinas.

What did Ireneus contribute to our understanding of the being or nature of God?

He taught against the heresy of Modelism (God appears in different modes—Sometimes as a Father—Sometimes as the Son, Jesus—and Sometimes as a Spirit). He affirmed that there is only one God, but the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are three distinct persons.

What did Augustine teach about the being or nature of God?

Augustine taught that the being or nature of God is One (monotheism); and that the Father and the Son and thwe Holy Spirit are not separate gods (polytheism).

What did Aquinas teach about proving the existence of God?

Aquinas taught that God’s existence can be proven logical reasoning in what he called The Five Ways.

What are The Five Ways of Proving God’s Existence in Theology? 

The Argument from Motion, The Argument from Efficient Causes, The Argument from Possibility and Necessity, The Argument from Graduation of Being, and The Argument from Design.