Session 18–On Divine Revelation: Tradition and the Magisterium


18.1 – Divine Revelation

18.2 – Summary of Dei Verbum-Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation

18.3 – Responding to the Great Mysteries

18.4 – Sacred Tradition

18.5 – Deposit of Faith

18.6 – The Magisterium

18.7 – Apostolic Authority Peter and the Papacy

18.8 – SESSION NOTES – Divine Revelation Sacred Tradition and The Magisterium


18.8 – Canon Law

18.9 – Infallibility God’s Perfect Gift to His Imperfect Church

18.10 – Servant of the Servants St Peter and His Successors in the Life of the Church

18.11 – Titles Terms Ministries


OLV FP Session 18 Divine Revelation

SPANISH OLV FP Session 18 Divine Revelation -spanish

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2 – Divine Revelation: God Seeking Us & the Compass for Our Lives

Religion is often perceived as humanity’s search for God, but Christianity is more about God’s search for us. God “unveils” himself to us and reveals his plan for our lives.


When Jesus refers to the Scriptures in his prayer and teaching; what writings did he mean?

Our Lord used prayed and taught from the Jewish Scriptures, which is what we call the Old Testament.

What is the name of the Christian Scriptures?

The Holy Bible.

How is the Bible divided?

The Bible is divided into the Old Testament (or the Jewish/Hebrew Scripture), and the New Testament.

Which books of the New Testament are the oldest written record of the Christian Community?

The letters of Saint Paul are the oldest written records on Christianity.

Name the four evangelists?

The four evangelists are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

What is the oldest Gospel?

Scholars believe that the Gospel according to Mark is the oldest.

Is the Holy Bible a just a history book?

The Holy Bible is not meant to be just a history book. Although there is a great deal of history in the Holy Bible, it is primarily a witness to the faith of Jews and Christians in God’s love for us, and of the actions of God in human history. It tells the story of God’s love in many different ways, especially by poetry, song, narrative, letters, as well as historical accounts.

What do Catholics believe about the Holy Bible?

Catholics believe that the Holy Bible is the inspired word of God. The Holy Bible, as interpreted by the Magisterium of the Church, serves as the guide for Christian living.

Is the Bible just one book?

No. The Bible is a collection of books written over centuries by human authors under God’s inspiration

What do we call the Church’s office that teaches on matters of faith and morals?

The Magisterium.  Consisting of The Pope (the successor of St. Peter) and all the Bishops (the successors of the Apostles) in union with the Pope, the Magisterium is the highest teaching authority in the Catholic Church.