Session 10–On Prayer


10.1 – CCC – On Prayer & The HS and Prayer

10.1.1 – When & Where & How to Pray

10.2 – Some Models of Prayer

10.3 – Types of prayer

10.4 – Blessing and Praise

10.5 – On the Three Basic Ways to Pray

10.6 – Praying With Body Mind and Voice

10.7 – SESSION NOTES–Prayer


10.8 – Introduction to Prayer

10.9 – Jesus Our Exemplar in Prayer

10.10 – The Battle of Prayer

10.12 – Novenas

10.13 – Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus


Praying the Rosary Like Never Before by Dr. Edward Sri


What is prayer?

Prayer is a gift from God by which we come to share in God’s love. In prayer, we listen to God and also talk to God. At times, prayer is simply resting in the presence of God.

What do we call the prayers in which we ask for God’s mercy, forgiveness and assistance?

Prayers of petition

What three expressions of prayer are basic to the life of prayer for a Christian disciple?

Vocal Prayer, Meditative Prayer, and Contemplative Prayer